Kevin Hawkins’ Testimony


I was raised as a child in two very different places: Vancouver and the land of the midnight sun, Dawson City, Yukon. I was fortunate to have an environment of music, theatre, sports and a variety of colourful characters and stories in my life.
As an adult, living mostly on Vancouver Island, I have worked in film distribution and tourism, as a gold miner, landscaper, musician, painter, potato picker, mill worker and environmental lobbyist. My focus over the last 10 or so years has been working with youth and children. Thirteen years ago I was blessed with the most wonderful gift- my beautiful and amazing daughter.

One is not always prepared for what happens in life, even less if untreated wounds from the past are brought to the surface. When I arrived at The Belkin House I was broke. I had my heart broken and had broken my own heart. The combination of an unhealthy relationship of seven years and my daughter and her mother moving a thousand miles away, left me shattered.

With the support of the staff, programs, and my councillor and chaplain, Stephen Bell (to whom I am eternally grateful), I am getting back on track as a healthy, happy, productive human being. Working in and for my community, with children at O.B.N.H and as a shelter worker for The Haven, is rewarding to me. I can’t exactly say where this journey will end up, but I have faith in the path that I am on.