Lester Bolen’s Testimony


I was raised by my mother until I was six years old, when she passed away. From age six to nine, I was in foster care where I was subjected to abuse. At nine years old my father came to take custody of me. The next three years was spent in my father’s care which was a very unstable environment, because he was an alcoholic, and I suffered a lot of physical abuse. He died when I was twelve years old and afterwards I became a ward of the court again and was placed back into foster care. When I was fourteen years old I ran away. After working for fifteen years and the breakup of my marriage, I turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain of my life. I soon found myself living on the street. I stopped caring about living any longer. Then I met “Mike on the Bike” (Hope on Wheels) from The Salvation Army New Westminster. He took the time to get to know me and gained my trust. When I reached out, The Salvation Army was there and got me off the street. They then got me into The Salvation Army Paetzold Treatment Centre (Miracle Valley). After treatment, The Salvation Army did not abandon me. I accepted the opportunity to go to The Salvation Army Belkin House. They provided assistance in every area – physical, emotional and spiritual. I flourished under their guidance and encouragement. Thanks to their support, love, care and understanding, I have become confident in myself. I have found peace, contentment, and purpose in my life and now feel complete. I am now able to enjoy the rest of my life and move forward to whatever God has planned for me. It is with heartfelt gratitude that I thank The Salvation Army, The Salvation Army New Westminster Hope on Wheels, The Salvation Army Paetzold Treatment Centre and The Salvation Army Belkin House and all the wonderful people involved in my success!