Terri Williams’ Testimony


Many people think bad life choices and drugs are the reason people become homeless. In my case it was due to a violent attack that left me unable to function that drove me to the streets. It was not a good time to be homeless, as I was unable to walk, talk or think very well. This left me unable to work and that lead to my homeless state. I lost all faith in life as I drifted.

I shuffled from friend to friend and eventually was on the streets, alone. It was my good fortune that I found shelter at Belkin House. From the first day, I felt cared for. I felt safe. My body and soul began to heal.

When I was accepted into the Personal Development Program, I was overjoyed that I had been given a chance at a new start. My stay in the shelter gave me the peace of mind and stability I needed. It not only restored my faith in life, it restored my belief in people and, most importantly, in God. Through this faith and through the wonderful guidance offered at Belkin House I was able to sort through the dark thoughts that had overcome me and dispel them. Now when I think of those days, I am so thankful that my feet were directed to Belkin House. I do not know what would have become of me if it had not been for the caring staff of the Salvation Army.