Testimonial by Wendy


At any point in your life you could get taken down and become homeless. No one expects or wants this, but “There but for the grace of God go I” is an adage ringing so true.

I’m bipolar and my ex got tired of living with my mood disorder. My 30 year marriage ended and I wound up living in my van, then in homeless shelters where I was ripped off, assaulted, and treated abusively by some staff…until I fell upon the Salvation Army’s Belkin House and their PDP program.

Because of Belkin’s high security, I was soon able to relax and gain trust so I could take in the essence of the programs. Having had a childhood filled with abuse it was easy for me to be cynical. At first I didn’t think I was learning much but down the road I’d be saying to myself, “Oh, hey, I just dealt with that situation in a really good way by drawing on what I learned from that course!” I truly benefitted and grew.

Eventually I was ready to take courses outside Belkin, thanks to my Sally Ann councilor, Peggy Barrett. She saw my needs and encouraged and supported me. She’s been an integral part of me getting not just back in the saddle, but riding the horse with grace.

Now I’m ready to take advantage of everything I’ve learned along the way and re-enter the job market on a part-time basis. I can’t say I haven’t been scared about the steps I’ve taken, but I keep going with faith. I never saw this day coming a few years ago!!!

I can’t thank Belkin House enough…the overwhelming majority of the staff are friendly and good humoured but most of all give respect, which has restored my dignity. Not once did they impose their religious views on me and I was certainly allowed to maintain my own belief system. “Salvation” is truly what I found here.

Thank you, Belkin House!